I Only Made One

a crafty learning adventure

Finally finished Shane’s supernova quilt! It took A LONG time, and at times I just couldn’t see it getting finished, but by jingo I made it!

The supernova star bursts are far from perfect. And let’s be honest, the colours are probably in the wrong order or possibly even the wrong colours as the starburst gets a bit lost in the blocks. But we both love it, and that’s the main thing!

The backing is a duvet cover from Debenhams and in keeping with the Lizzy House & space theme in the quilt top, it’s bound (yes, by hand again. I’m almost a pro now!) in Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets in Astronaught!

Genevieve’s quilt.

This was a race against time. I had 2 days to start and finish this quilt before I went on holiday for 2 weeks! I used a Posy charm pack by Aneela Hoey for Moda and Kona solids in Meringue for the top. The pattern is from sewlux.blogspot.com (4x4 Terrain Quilt Tutorial). The back is Hello Pilgrim in pale aqua by Lizzy House. It’s bound (by hand! Yes, my first go at hand binding …. and I have to say, I’m now a convert. It might take me much, much longer, but the end result is fantastically neat!). Anyway, it’s bound in Moda’s Puttin’ on the Ritz’s Grey Princess.

I think this is a great little baby quilt. It’s the second I’ve made using this tutorial and I think the concentric circle quilting works well. My circles aren’t too shabby either.

I hope you like it little missy!

Throwing some shapes (i.e. not perfectly round circles)!

Free motion quilting

I’ve only ever made 2 quilt tops but on both occasions I sat at my machine looking at the mountain of fabric, wadding and backing in front of me and there was just one thing running through my head … what the heck do I do now?!

Google, Pinterest, you name it, “quilt”, and all these fancy patterns come up that look amazing and really make the fabric and quilt pattern come alive. I’ve spent ages watching YouTube demonstrating what to do, all saying practice makes perfect but after I’ve spent days cutting, sewing, ironing etc to finally come out with something I’m proud of, the last thing I want to do is “practice” on it. You’ll see on the pictures of my first 2 quilts that I’ve gone for the straight line approach. Something not even I can get wrong!

In the middle of July, I decided to be brave and just have a go. So, armed with a Moda Simply Color charm pack I scoured the web for a simple but interesting tutorial for a small quilt using charm squares. It didn’t take long to decide that the 4 x 4 Terrain Quilt tutorial on Sit & stitch awhile’s blog (sewlux.blogspot.com) was the one for me. I did change the dimensions slightly. I trimmed the 4 x 4 blocks to 9” squares and my outer border is 4.5” (mainly because my stash of white had been exhausted!).

It probably took me a day (spread over 2 evenings) to assemble the quilt top and I have to say, for a pattern as simple as this one, the end result was really good!

As all the fabric for the top came from my stash, the tutorial was free and I’d completed the top in a matter of hours I really didn’t mind using this quilt as a practice one for my first DIY free motion quilting lesson!

10 minutes of frustration later and I finally have the quilting foot attached to my machine! Yippee!

For a first attempt, I was pretty impressed with myself. I don’t think I totally destroyed it! I realise the stitches are all different lengths, the dragonfly and stipples are all misshapen, but I finished it myself and I actually quite enjoyed it (even the bits where I’d totally rubbed my chalk lines off and had no idea where to go next!)!

Here’s the finished quilt (my quilt number 3!), complete with Hedgehogs in Yellow (by Lizzy House as the backing), bound with Kona in Chartreuse and most importantly free motion quilted (attempt number 1) with a (slightly misshapen) dragonfly stipple.

Rhubarb and Crumble

In the Summer of 2012 I was randomly searching the Internet for interesting mini projects. We’d not long got back from visiting my in-laws in Henley (and Crumble their dachshund). By pure chance, I stumbled across the pattern for Milo and Moxie by Retro-mama.

I jumped at the chance to make this for my father-in-law’s birthday and in no time at all, Rhubarb had been born! All that was needed, was to wait until his birthday arrived (June!) and keep her a secret until then.

There was a massive grin when he unwrapped her and they both wanted to know where we’d found her, as they had only seen similar ones in brown. To say there was a jaw dropping moment when they discovered she was hand made is an understatement!

She seemed to go down well and may be making her way to their holiday home in a sunnier climate!

(Source: retro-mama.blogspot.com)

Edward’s Quilt

After showing a friend of mine the one and only quilt I had ever made, she was impressed enough (although the wine probably had a LOT to do with it!) that she asked me to make one for her 9 month old son.

I wanted to make something quite bright with a farmyard type theme so he had something to look at and could engage with it (learning to make the animal noises and when he’s a bit older, saying the words).

Moda’s Oink a Doodle Moo seemed the perfect option. So, armed with a jelly roll and a YouTube jelly roll race tutorial I embarked on my second ever quilt!  As this was I gift, and for a very special recipient (my godson), I was feeling a bit of pressure to make a good job of it.

Here is the start of my jelly roll race

Here’s the finished quilt

Now, I blame my lack of experience to some extent, but I really wasn’t expecting the quilt to come out quite so large! If I’d actually thought about how much fabric is in a jelly roll, it should have been blindingly obvious, but I just didn’t …. think that is!!

I really love the borders around it.  The white inner (Architextures Crosshatch in White) clearly defines the edge of the patterned section (there’s probably a technical word/phrase for this) and the green (Edward’s current favourite colour) is Foliage in Grass (again, part of the Architextures collection).  The binding is Bullseye in Mint (part of the Indian Summer collection).

The quilt top went together surprisingly quickly but I found the actual quilting really hard work.  I think this was mainly due to the quilts size and my lack of experience. I did a simple straight lines 1/4” to either side of the seams, but it just seemed to take for ever and I felt I was constantly wrestling the fabric to get it to fit and feed properly through my machine.

I love how you get to see the full range of the collection in bands running across the quilt, but I would definitely make a smaller one next time. Edward might need to use this as a play mat for a good few years as its a tad large for his bed!

That first quilt I made …. It’s only been selected to appear as part of the www.pinkcastlefabrics.com blog!

Finally, it’s finished! My first ever quilt! :-) it’s far from perfect, but well done me!

The start of a Suernova quilt (www.freshlypieced.com). This seems like quite a good use for some Lizzy House Constellations fabric!

Let the cutting begin!

First quilt update

Months & months (& months) after starting my first quilt, I’ve finally added the boarders to the disappearing-nine patch top. Now I just need to find a clear area of floor so I can stack up the layers & quilt the thing!